Main Application WindowWhen you start the Meeting Schedule Assistant program, this dialogue is displayed. Use the menu options to setup program options and create reports. Creating and modifying schedules is a really simple process. Work through the Options menu first in the order described below and you should not have any problems. At the bottom of the dialogue you can see what the active schedule type is. This can be changed by using the Options dialogue. The active schedule type only applies to regular reports and not Christian Life and Ministry meeting schedules.

Please see the Contacting Me help page if you want to contact me about anything concerning this program. Please see the Revision History to see what the latest features and changes are.


These are the main menus in the application. Familiarize yourself with them by clicking on the links below.

File Menu

Options Menu

Help menu


Main Toolbar

You are not limited to using just the menus. There is also a toolbar which has some of the most commonly used features on it.

Creating Schedules

Use the two calendars to select a date range to create a schedule for:


If all you want to do is open up a previously saved schedule, then you can ignore these settings and open the saved report (using the File menu).

Note IconThe date range only applies to the creating of new schedules. Also, any special events are displayed if you hover the mouse over the date.