An introduction to Meeting Schedule Assistant

Meeting Schedule Assistant window

Meeting Schedule Assistant was originally called SoundRota. The program had become more versatile and required a name change to reflect what it could be used for. Thus, SoundRota was renamed Meeting Schedule Assistant in November 2010.

What is your role in the congregation? If you are the coordinator for the body of elders you will likely want to create a Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule. If you care for the sound department, then you will want to create a Sound and Stage Report rota. Meeting Schedule Assistant caters *easily* for these types of schedule. But that is not all! Just think about the schedules you currently create for your congregation and it is very likely you will be able to create most of these too with Meeting Schedule Assistant!

In a hurry? Then use this quick start guide. You should be making your schedule in no time! Hopefully!

An overview of Meeting Schedule Assistant and the main menus.

Many users are now using 64 Bit computers. This article provides some specific information about the 64 Bit edition.