New Version IconVersion 20.0.5 - 2020 Edition (15th January 2020)

New Version IconVersion 20.0.4 - 2020 Edition (6th January 2020)

    • Update: New main application toolbar
    • Bug: Fixed some breakages with displaying help topics on several windows.
    • Bug: Backup Settings were not including the 10/19 S-89 Templates (if installed) (read more: forum topic)

New Version IconVersion 20.0.3 - 2020 Edition (13th December 2019)

    • Translation Typo: Portuguese translation for Hospitality was wrong. Replaced Hospedagem with Hospitalidade.
    • Partial Translation: Sesotho (South Africa)
    • Update: No secondary class was possible in the week of CO-visit (read more: forum topic)

      This needed changing due to the revised instructions for S-38 ¶18:

      No auxiliary classes in the language of the congregation should be held during the visit of the circuit overseer. A group may hold its meetings even when the circuit overseer is visiting the host congregation. However, the group should rejoin the host congregation for the circuit overseer’s service talk.
    • Update: Sync Foreign Language Group with Calendars (read more: forum topic)
    • Bug: Students window is not showing the OK and Cancel buttons (read more: forum topic)
    • Bug: Midweek Editor still says the S-89 templates need to be installed (read more: forum topic)
    • Bug: Chairman Worksheet was not showing Counsellor for sample conversation videos.
    • Bug: Main Help menu was not displaying the Help.

New Version IconVersion 20.0.2 - 2020 Edition (26th November 2019)

    • Bug: Opening Comments was still calculating with 3 minutes instead of 1 minute for 2020 schedules.

New Version IconVersion 20.0.1 - 2020 Edition (13th November 2019)

    • Update: Implemented new S-89 (10/19 edition) in English. You will need to request the new template in the normal way.
    • Update: The About window now directs you to the new Support Forms.
    • Update: You can now specify the song numbers on the Weekend Meeting window. You can also specify the Bible Verses Reader now too. New sample scripts (Workbook-S-140-PublicTalk-WatchtowerStudy-ServiceTalk v2 and Workbook-S-140-Weekend Meeting Only v2) have been provided which includes this new information. The Advanced Customisation help topic has been updated to show you the new syntax.
    • Update: The phrase Review Followed by Preview of Next Week (3 min.) is now Concluding Comments (3 min. or less). This is consistent with the January 2020 workbook.

New Version IconVersion 20.0.0 - 2020 Edition (17th October 2019)

    • Bug: Synchronize with Google Calendar was displaying <ERROR> in some languages for certain assignments. This affected Arabic and Gujarati.
    • Update: Midweek Opening Comments are now 1 minute for meetings beginning January 6, 2020.
    • Update: Midweek Digging For Spiritual Gems item are now 10 minutes for meetings beginning January 6, 2020.
    • Internal: Updated NuGet Packages for GMail Interfaces.
    • Internal: Updated NuGet Packages for Google Interfaces.
    • Internal: Updated NuGet Packages for Outlook Interface.

Meeting Schedule Assistant 19.0