New Version IconVersion 21.0.4 - 2021 Edition (16th January 2021)

    • The following assignments have been added to the Swap Assignments menu:
      • Host
      • Co-host
      • Third Living As Christians
    • Fixed bug with display of Student Item Information on the Select Publisher window. This issue affected users of Partial Translations.
    • Fixed bug with the Workbook-S-140-PublicTalk-WatchtowerStudy-ServiceTalk-Songs template.
    • You can now include Chairman's Notes on the Worksheet.

New Version IconVersion 21.0.3 - 2021 Edition (7th January 2021)

    • Incorrect times were showing on the Chairman’s Worksheet (support forum topic).

New Version IconVersion 21.0.2 - 2021 Edition (3rd January 2021)

    • Weekend Meeting assignment history column headings were always showing in English.
    • The Discussion with Video assignment now supports Assignment History (support forum topic).
    • Public Talk Outlines in Arabic (revised).
    • Simplified the drop-down list of Student Assignment Types on the Material Assignments window. They now list (in this order):
      • Initial Call Video
      • Return Visit Video
      • Initial Call
      • Return Visit
      • Bible Study
      • Talk

Any Custom Student Assignment Types are included, unsorted, at the end of the lists.

    • If you use Check for Update, and the software needs to perform an upgrade, it will temporarily stop trying to perform any Automatic Backup when shutting down.

New Version IconVersion 21.0.1 - 2021 Edition (23rd December 2020)

    • The Spiritual Gems and standard Student Item descriptions are now updated when you change the Foreign-Language Group mode.
    • Make the location of the meeting related to the language group (support forum topic).
    • The Midweek Editor was not correctly detecting when the S-89 11/20 Templates had been installed.
    • There is a 1 minute delay sometimes on the schedule (support forum topic).
    • The Foreign-Language Group mode was not resetting the Methods drop-down list.
    • Internal: Updated internal libraries (Boost version 1.75.0).

New Version IconVersion 21.0.0 - 2021 Edition (16th December 2020)

    • A new button, Edit discussion with video assignments, has been added the the Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry section of the Midweek Editor. This displays a new window for you to select who will handle the new Discussion with Video assignments.
    • New options have been added to the Assignments Material window to cater for the new Discussion with Video assignments. These material for these new assignments are provided by monthly workbook data volunteers.
    • Several new validation error checks have been added to the Monthly Workbook data - Validation  process. This system is used by our monthly workbook data volunteers.
    • The context menu used on the HTML Preview was always showing in English.

Meeting Schedule Assistant 20.0