Overview of the Midweek Editor Edit Menu:

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Note IconLearn more about the Edit Menu by looking through the rest of this help topic. Or, as an alternative, click on the menu item you are interested in on the screenshot above.

Copy | Select All

It is possible to copy the schedule (or parts of it) to the clipboard. This is handy if you lack the confidence to edit the XSL / CSS files (see the Advanced Customization help topic).

This is how to copy the schedule into Microsoft Word:

  1. Use Select All to highlight all the schedule
  2. Then use Copy to put the schedule on the clipboard
  3. Now you can Paste the schedule into an empty Microsoft Word document:

Microsoft Word

Note IconPlease be aware that the layout of the schedule does not always stay the same when pasted into Microsoft Word. So you might have to make manual adjustments after pasting.

Date Range

Have you created a new schedule, started to populate it, and then realised that you added too many weeks into the schedule? This menu item will display a small popup window where to adjust the final wee as required.

Meeting Times

When you create a new schedule it will always default each meeting time to those specified in the application options. However, when you open a saved MWB schedule it will always use the times held within the MWB data file. This means that you can't adjust times should you be required to do so.

One situation where you would want to change the meeting time is when you share your Kingdom hall with other congregations and adjust your meeting time on a yearly basis. Thus, if you are including weekend details on your schedule you would want to adjust some of the weeks on that crossover month.

All is not lost! You can use the hotkey CTRL + SHIFT + U to update the times to those held in the application options. Or, if you would like more control, you can select Meeting Times from the View menu. Please note that your changes affect the active meeting week only.

Chairman's Worksheet Notes

Additional notes can be displayed on the Chairman's Worksheet by using this feature. It displays a window where you can type in the text that you would  like displayed and that should be all you need to do! Read Chairman's Worksheet Notes to find out more.