Overview of the Midweek Editor Options Menu:

Options MenuCustomize ListsPage Breaks

Note IconLearn more about the Options Menu by looking through the rest of this help topic. Or, as an alternative, click on the menu item you are interested in on the screenshot above.

Calendar Options

Displays the Calendar Options window. This window can also be accessed from with the Assignments Editor and the applications main Options menu.

Note IconAre you using the Calendar Sync feature? Do you sponsor a Foreign-Language Group in your congregation? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you will need to use a different calendar for each. This is why you have access to the options from within the editor.

Hover the mouse over the Calendar to use status bar pane to see which calendars you are synchronizing with:

Calendar to use status bar pane

Customize Lists

There are a variety of drop-down lists used within the editor and they all have a default set of options to choose from. But you are not restricted to the predefined set of choices. By using the Customize Lists feature you can add / edit / remove your own text values. For example, you might find that the student assignment has a different setting than normal, in which case it might be best to add it as a new predefined choice.

Customize Lists

Page Breaks

There a several page break settings to choose from (default is 2 weeks):

Page Breaks Menu

This setting affects the schedule printout and determines when to insert page breaks. Given the amount of information on the schedule you would probably not be able to include 3 or 4 weeks of information on the same page.

Page Breaks Status Bar PaneDid you know that you can also adjust the page breaks from the status bar?

All you need to do is select a predefined setting from the drop-down list.

Notes IconsThere are some compact versions of the schedule which 4 or 5 weeks of information on a single page available on the website. Click the link to find out more.

If you find that your schedule is bleeding into a subsequent page then consider adjusting the settings on the Print Preview toolbar:

Print Preview Toolbar

As you can see, you can reduce the scale for printing. Usually a small adjustment is all that is required.

Foreign-Language Group

Displays a fly-out of the existing languages Meeting Schedule Assistant is available in for you to adjust the mode:

Foreign-Language Group mode

The following changes are instantly made within the editor:

  1. Various parts of the editor show the information in the chosen language.
  2. The Download Schedule Information works with the chosen language (if there is a volunteer providing monthly data).
  3. The S-89 Slips are displayed in the chosen language (if the templates are installed).
  4. The drop-down lists of names are adjusted to only display those who have been assigned to the Foreign-Language Group.
  5. The assignment history is adjusted to use the correct database.

Foreign-Language Group Status Bar PaneDid you know that you can display the current setting as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the foreign-language group status bar pane?

The setting is saved in the MWB data file and becomes the default setting for schedules.

Notes IconsPlease note that changes will need to be made to your schedule script file in order to work with the foreign-language group mode. Since each congregation with have it's own preferences for what and how they want to show things we thought it impractical to include a template. There are one or two live examples available on the website and a short tutorial is being written on some of the changes you might need to make to your script. Remember also, we are here to help (as our circumstances permit).