Overview of the Midweek Editor View Menu:

View MenuAssignment HistoryRemindersQuick Summary of AssignmentsRefreshZoom

Note IconLearn more about the View Menu by looking through the rest of this help topic. Or, as an alternative, click on the menu item you are interested in on the screenshot above.

Assignment History

Toggles the visibility of the Assignment History window. This is a powerful tool that you can use to assist you in making balanced assignments for each brother.


This displays the Reminders Manager window. Click the link for more information.

Quick Summary of Assignments

Quick SummaryThere are two ways to see a quick summary of assignments. Both of them show a list with pertinent information that should assist you in making your assignments.


Use this to update the schedule preview on the right on demand.


Zoom MenuYou can enlarge or reduce the view of the schedule. You can zoom in from 10% to 1000%, with the default being 100%. The setting is automatically remembered and used again the next time the editor is displayed.

Notes IconChanging the zoom does not affect the printing output. Use the scale option on the Print Preview toolbar to do that.